Adventure Freak?

A number of years ago i was approached by a marketing executive to write about an MTB event i was training for. I was running an IT company at the time and we had to speak on the phone often to discuss the article.  On one of these calls she said to me, Lyndon, if i had to sum you up, i'd call you a Weekday Geek, Weekend Adventure Freak!

The name stuck but to be brutally honest, i'm much more a freak than a geek these days. It rolls off the tongue and i can't see myself calling this enterprise anything else.

As for the intention of AF, if we can inspire a single person to be more active it will be worth the effort.

As a collective we are already inspiring many people in many ways. If you agree with the principal of leading by example and nurturing those that follow, then this is the place for you. If you desire an extremely balanced lifestyle, we are your clan. If you are on a constant journey of self improvement, welcome home.

With all that philosophical guff out of the way, this is what else we are doing.

We actively promote and support Mountain Bike Racing globally. When i say actively, i mean we attend MTB races around the world and help. We contribute financially in the form of sponsorship and supply of equipment. We contribute with resources by loading trucks, setting up start and finish lines, picking up riders, distributing food, building websites and running timing gear. We sponsor riders and teams of riders to enable them to reach their potential. We donate money and equipment to Trail Builders in Western Australia. We pay for Athletes to attend international events.

We are a proudly "For Profit" organisation that has an exciting range of products and services to help Athletes do the sports they love. We have pro athlete coaching services and an incredible Electrolyte drink coming to market which will blow everyone away. We make a MTB specific range of glasses and super cool clothing. We look forward to telling you more. If this sounds like the kind of club you want to be in, please subscribe above and also join the Adventure Freak strava club.

email to discuss how we can help you.

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