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Swiss Epic 2020

Hey Adventure Freaks Hope you are doing well. For me it is time to get back into racing after a longer break due to the COVID-19 situation, which sadly had a big...

Christmas Island Adventure

Hey Adventure Freaks We recently had the opportunity to fly over to Christmas Island from our home city of Perth. Although Christmas Island is an Australian Territory, it is actually closer...

XCM National champ again

Hi all, Hope you had a great weekend!! On Sunday 13th it was time to defend my title at the Luxembourgish national championship in MTB Marathon. It turned out to be a...

Remembering Skaidi

Lyndon singing a ditty about our recent trip to the Skaidi Xtreme...

Skaidi Xtreme, what a blast!

Hey Adventure Freaks, I'm wrote this halfway through a long stopover in Oslo, sitting in a deserted Pizza parlour, attempting to recount the best parts of an epic adventure in the...

Victory in Norway

Hi everyone, Some cool news from up north!! On Saturday September 7th, I won “Skaidi Xtreme” for the 4th time in my career. This race has become within a short time one...

Swimming through Dordogne

Good morning Adventure Freaks I've just returned from a weeks holiday in the Dordogne region of France. If you don't know it then you should definitely look it up, it's a beautiful...

National Champion again!!!!

Hope you had a nice weekend!! Super excited to tell you all that I defended my title at the national cross country championship yesterday in Luxembourg!! J It was a very special...

Victory in Germany

Hi everybody, A little update from last Sundays race in Einruhr in Germany. After some weeks travelling, it has been nice to spend some time home in Luxembourg. This does not mean...

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