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Our Mission

To lead by example and nurture those who follow.


Our journey



Literally, the drawing of air into the lungs. Adventure Freak started with a gasp of realisation. We have but one chance of making the most of our life. Others have made it count. Why can't we?

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Surrounded by incredible examples of lives that matter and with all the same resources at our fingertips, we can change lives. We began with ours and the news started spreading.

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We started and will never stop. Our lives changed and we can't keep it to ourselves. You can do it too. Just start and never stop. We will be there with you for every challenge and all your triumphs.

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Dedicated to change in ourselves and in all those that want it. We lead by example and nurture those that follow. We dedicate our time and profits to those who make a difference to others.

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Introduction to MTB Suspension Setup & Handling

Introduction to MTB Suspension Setup & Handling - by The Local Spokesman The following is an attempt to enlighten people who might be relatively new to mountain biking. Bear in mind...

Luxembourgish National Champion Cross-Country 2018!

Hi all, Hope you had a nice weekend!! I spent my weekend racing my first cross country national championship ever in Luxembourg, the country I have been representing since the beginning of...

My Journey to NO. 7 – Part 2

Crocodile Trophy – My Journey to number 7 By Brendon Skerke PART 2 Continuing on from Part 1 of "My Journey to Number 7" as mentioned Scott and Abby a couple from my...

Kyle Walter

My name is Kyle Walter, I live in Perth, Western Australia and I’m 28 years old. According to mum and dad I’ve been riding bikes since I was 2 years...


    MY JOURNEY TO NO. 7 by Brendon Skerke I grew up playing competitive sport from the age of 5. Born and bred in Victoria it was simple. As soon as you...

Victory in Germany

A little update from last Sundays race in Einruhr, Germany. by Soren Nissen After some weeks where my focus has been mostly on my training it was once again time to get...

Welcome Sören Nissen

  We are proud to announce that we are supporting Sören Nissen in his MTB and Cyclocross career. Sören is also sponsored by Stevens Bikes, Lauf and G-Skin. Adventure Freak will...

Sarah White

Hello 🙂 Sarah here from glorious Far North Queensland… I live up on the Atherton Tablelands & work as a full-time Firefighter in Cairns. My husband Chris & I have approx....

Rod Lakelin

My name is Rod Lakelin, my partner Rochelle and I have 2 children. Kelby 20 and Misty 17. I am 48 this year and I started mountainbiking about 10 years...

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Goal oriented event specific physical tuition and coaching. Our programs are designed to gain the best outcome with the available training time.

Exclusive Events

Well connected Adventure Freaks get access to invitation events around the globe.


Gain insights from your training data and comparisons with your peers.

Trail Advocacy

Part profits go directly to those glorious single track carvers that we owe every cruisey Saturday afternoon of flowing single track to.

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Our team

  • Strava Club

    Join the Strava club and mix it up with Elite Riders and Weekend Warriors from around the globe. To Join, follow these steps. Fire up Strava on your phone Choose the menu on top left Choose Clubs (with the flag on the left) Choose Search (magnifying glass at top left) Type "AdventureFreak" the  logo will…

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  • Athlete Profiles

    We hope you enjoy reading the Athlete Profiles in the News section. We get a great deal of inspiration from reading them and hope you do to. If you would like to be featured also, please contact 

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  • Sponsorship

    We are actively recruiting riders for the Adventure Freak Team. If you would like to be considered, please contact us at

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Our Services

Event Sponsorship

If you would like to be considered for Event sponsorship, please contact us at

Event Management

We have started our event management service. If you would like to discuss your event plans, please contact us at...

Volunteer Management

If you have an event that you require volunteers for, we can arrange the whole process. If you would like the...


We are producing a range of custom Mountain bike equipment and cool AF clothing. Stay tuned for more information....


We are about to announce our coaching programs. Stay tuned for more information....

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  • craig_mtb4life
    A big shoutout to Lyndon from @adventurefreakcom - as someone smarter than me said, “surround yourself with people who inspire you, who show you that there is much much more that you can do” and most importantly who pull wheelies while riding past you on a sketchy uphill. Yes that’s Lyndon. Thanks for my new hat brother.…
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The bottom line

Australia +61 087 099 9709       Australian Free Call 1800 957 835