BeMC Marathon

Howdy Adventure Freaks,

Hope you are doing great and enjoying the last sunny days in this never ending summer... Well, in Europe 🙂

In Luxembourg everything is running perfect and I am getting ready for “the final attack” before the 2018 MTB season is ending.

This past weekend (16.09.18) I have been racing in Houffalize in Belgium at the BeMC Marathon. A really nice organized event and like always a super atmosphere (Belgians just know how to set up a great event).

The race was held on a 98km track with more than 2700 meters of elevation. Perfect weather conditions for a MTB event that late in the season: everything is dry as it hasn’t been raining for a long time in this region.

As usual, I was named as one of the favourites for this race. That can both be an advantage but in the same time a disadvantage, as you can’t hide. By time I have got used to that and often you can actually “scare” the other riders a little just by saying that you feel super strong before the race. J

During the first half of the race I could easily sit in the front group. After 70km I decided to put in my decisive attack and from here on I could ride solo until the finish line in Houffalize.

I was nice to race a good organized event. I really like this relaxing atmosphere after the events which is something really special, and not something I experienced during my years in road racing.

The world championships were also held on the 16.09.18 this year. As I swapped nationality last year I could also not participate this year in the worlds according to the rules from UCI. Next I will be ready to race the worlds again, and this time for my new nation Luxembourg. I am still really happy for my choice riding for my new country, and I think the publicity I get here in Luxembourg is all worth it.

The next upcoming races in October are going to be really important.

On October 7th (Happy Birthday Lyndon) I will race the Luxembourgish national championship in marathon (Red Rock Challenge). As marathon is my main discipline, this race is super important for me. I am training like a crazy to reach my top shape for this event, because wearing the national champion jersey in XCM would mean everything to me. : You can read more about the race here

After the championships I will leave to Australia, and for the second time in my career I will be racing the biggest MTB stage race in the “Land Down Under”, called the “Crocodile Trophy”

In 2015 I became 2nd after the Swiss “machine” Urs Huber from German Team Bulls. Urs has once again decided to sign up for this event and once again I believe it will be a great battle between him and me. Urs has already won the event 5 times and might be the top favourite, but I will do everything possible to beat him this year. Also Swiss champion Konny Looser will be on the startline, so everything is SET for a great fight!!

The Crocodile Trophy will be my last MTB event for this year. Afterwards I will take a break with 2 weeks off the bike before returning to cyclocross and slowly building up my shape again for next year. In cyclocross I also became champion of Luxembourg so you will see me wearing the red, white, blue coloured champion outfit this season. J

Have a nice day,

Best regards,

Sören Nissen

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