Sarah White

Hello 🙂 Sarah here from glorious Far North Queensland…

I live up on the Atherton Tablelands & work as a full-time Firefighter in Cairns. My husband Chris & I have approx. 2 acres of land that we are continuously working towards transforming into a self-sufficient food producing garden, as well as increasing the natural habitat. This does keep us very busy, however when you can go for a walk out into the garden & pick most of your ingredients for a meal, it is very satisfying. We have an old border collie & 2 kelpie-cross’s that keep us entertained & on our toes. Dog runs with them can sometimes be more demanding on the body than any training session! I started as a Firefighter 10 years ago after having spent 12 plus years in the Army. Both these careers have taught me a great deal; the mental toughness you can gain through various events & activities, the endurance your body can put itself through, & the friendship you form along the way.

How did you start in Adventure Sports?

Adventure sports have been part of my life since the early days of training for school cross country runs where I’d follow the cattle pads up, down & through the creeks & paddocks where I grew up. There has always been a new adventure or event pop up that I’d just have to be part of…maybe it has been the fear of missing out (on something new/fun/exciting/I wonder what’s around that corner type thing) that has kept me enthralled & keen to discover more.

What inspires you?

The ‘unknown’ inspires me. Travelling. Sea kayak expeditions. Exploring old & new trails by foot or bike. Then. All the other bits & pieces that forms part of the ‘unknown’. How is this going to pan out? Am I going to get there eventually? Do I have enough food/gear/idea? How long will I be out here for? I never know the answers, but I’ll give it a go & try to find out!

Did you get any help along the way?

I am extremely lucky to have very supportive family members & brilliant friends that have supported me greatly over the years, all in their own unique ways. From my parents first dragging my brother & I to freezing cold ‘Little Athletics’ sessions to Army fitness trainers & peers draining the life out of me, to more recent years of adventures with friends & Chris. All these experiences and knowledge that have been shared by some extraordinary individuals have helped create me into the person I am today.

So what's the craziest thing you've ever done?

There’s naturally been a few odd things I’ve done over the years; however, I do think pushing a wheelbarrow 140km over 3 days is up there with the craziest.

What's next?

Holiday time is the next thing on my immediate agenda…Sea kayaking in Croatia & exploring the Slovenia Alps will be a good warm up for the rest of this year’s events; The Reef 2 Reef, & The Croc Trophy…both should be brilliant MTB events that I’m looking forward to being part of.

Any Advice?

You can hear, read & seek all the advice you may think you need, but all you need to do is get out amongst the great outdoors & have fun!

Why did you join

I joined to discover more of the ‘unknown’!


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