SKS Kellerwald Bike Marathon

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I won the 22th edition of the “SKS Kellerwald Bike Marathon” in Gilserberg, Germany on April 14th 2019, with 127 km and 3500 m of elevation! The track was a mix of large gravel/forest roads and some technical descends.

The weather had been really nice in that region for a while so the whole track was super dry and really fast. Though, the only thing making this year’s edition a bit special was the freezing cold temperatures in the morning. Icy conditions with even a bit of snow at 9.00 o’clock in the morning while lining up.

Some really good riders from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were on the start list. The tactic for the day was to keep calm until the last lap. Not making any mistakes and then hopefully “go for it” in the last lap of the race.

That tactic worked out perfectly. Nevertheless the former Belgian champion, Joris Massaer did his best to follow my attack during the final lap. I was super happy when I finally crossed the finish line with raised arms, for the 4th time in my career. Another victory and I will be the record holder for all time victories in this event in front of mountain bike legend Ramses Bekkenk from the Netherlands.

I actually won this race in the past still wearing the Danish champion jersey (2014+15). And of course the speaker and spectators were surprised seeing me now in the Luxembourgish Champion jersey.

People think it is cool that I took the step representing my new nation where I have been living for many years now and they notice that I am doing a lot to promote the mountain bike sport.

Next weekend I will start at the “La Hallonienne Marathon” in Belgium.

Here a link to the HP/FB from the organization of Kellerwald Marathon:

Below you find some links of some press articles from yesterday’s race:

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