Welcome Sören Nissen


We are proud to announce that we are supporting Sören Nissen in his MTB and Cyclocross career. Sören is also sponsored by Stevens Bikes, Lauf and G-Skin. Adventure Freak will provide support for Sören both in his home of Luxembourg and internationally.

We are looking forward to developing our products and services with Sörens professional guidance, testing and promotion. Sören comes with a string of incredible victories and achievements. He is current Luxembourg Cyclocross champion and has just won the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge for the second time.

Originally from Denmark, he speaks 7 languages and finished a Commerce Degree before starting his professional cycling career. In addition to his tireless work ethic, business mind and organisation skills, he is gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. We think he is a great addition to the team and we are excited to be working with such a high calibre professional.

He will be a regular contributor of training and race reports and represent AF around the globe. Welcome aboard Sören!

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