Lyndon Beck

I’m Lyndon from Perth, Western Australia. I run a Computer Support business and love playing around with technology. I’m also totally obsessed with bikes. That doesn’t mean I’m fast or skilful, I just love riding.

How did you start in Adventure Sports?

I raced motocross when I was younger and had some measure of success, so I guess I’ve always been into pushing the boundaries. Even though my boundaries are way smaller nowadays, I still love having a crack at most things.

What inspires you?

Jeepers, I’d have to say the total legends that I get to hang out with every day. I sit in awe as I hear how people have climbed out of the abyss of despair by jumping on their bike and I don’t know, winning the world masters 24-hour championships or something equally as gnarly.

Did you get any help along the way?

Again, these legends I mentioned above, my partners, my awesome kids all inspire me to not to sit around and just let life happen to me. I get lots of inspiration from the stories I collect for this website. I’ve also had some great coaches and mentors.


So what's the craziest thing you've ever done?

When I was 20, I sold my car, bought a bike and rode from Perth to Darwin, some 4300km apart. I also included riding the Gibb River Road unsupported with up to 45 kgs of gear on my bike. The things that happened on that trip still inspire me to bite off ridiculous challenges and keep pedalling. I've ridden the Gibb 3 times since to raise finds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

What's next?

I’m keen to race the Redback Challenge in Alice Springs August 2018, working on building the AF race team and bringing a sensational Electrolyte Drink to market. All of this will require lots of riding on awesome trails of course, so yep, more of the same.

Any advice?

Don’t compare yourself to others. You are sensational in your own skin. So be the best version of you that you can. You’ll be the happiest and the most helpful that way.

Why did you join

Did I mention I loved bikes? I get so inspired by hearing the stories of guys and girls i meet. I get super motivated when i see the amount of training they do. I hope this site has the same effect on you. That's why i started Adventure Freak.

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